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Learn how to use Marketing to create highly engaging content on Instagram that gets your reach, growth & generates hight paying leads

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Are you fed up with...

Never knowing what to post to get reach, growth and leads

Spending hours creating content for little to no results

Seeing others going viral for content that seems... Simply less good!?!

Feeling like you can't stay consistent because it's simply too much work

Content creation and Instagram growth don’t have to be complicated nor hard and certainly don’t have to be so time-consuming!

We have good news!

It’s time for you to create highly engaging content that sets you apart from the crowd and generates superfans that are ready to buy from you ;)

We’re going to turn you into a Content Genius capable of turning any piece of content into a growth & lead-generation machine!


Who the hell are we to teach you this?!


Get all the quick and easy growth hacks ever tested that actually WORK

We’re two business besties who decided to build a business together during the lockdown, before even meeting each other in real life!

In 2020, we both opened Instagram accounts focusing on community building and the results were mind-blowing! Within just a few months we could quit our job and build a business that has now generated over 1 million dollar.

We've used Content Creation to build a 7-figure business

Together we accumulate 15+ years of experience in Marketing and Social Media (working for international brands and agile start-ups, learning from la crème de la crème)

Ginny has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology + a Master's Degree in Marketing & Laura has an MBA (Business) 

We’ve helped over 4,500 people like you be seen and build a community of fans online (anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of followers)

We’ve grown 2 different Instagram accounts from 0 to 100K followers, and a brand account to 35K followers (on top of 65K followers on Tiktok, 5K subscribers on Youtube, 18K followers on LinkedIn) - we know how to grow an engaging audience

We’ve made 1 million dollar using Instagram as our main lead generation 

We’ve been featured in international press

Char grew an audience of over 100K engaged followers

"I get to do exactly what I love everyday and get paid for it"

"Do it, it can change your life"

"I am forever grateful!!! This experience has changed my life"

Camila gained 115K engaged followers

Mandy gained over 70K followers & quit her job 


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