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What if you could quit your 9-5 and make $10,000 per month while working 15 hours per week from your laptop?!

It’s time to quit the rat race, and build an online course that will sell like crazy even if you don’t have a niche yet, no audience to sell it to, and no experience in Marketing & Sales!

We hated our corporate jobs, working 40+ hours a week making someone else rich…

“Get a good job, work 40+ hours a week, spend wisely, save every month, don’t go on holidays, and slowly you’ll climb the ladder, get promotions, and when you retire, you’ll be rich (& old) and be able to own your day…”

It’s time to change the narrative…
Life is happening now. Stop wasting it, start owning it.

This is the worst manipulation that we’ve been taught to believe…

That we have to work ourselves into the ground in our young years so that we can retire when we’re old. They have created the perfect system to use up our lives and then give us a treat when it’s over.

We watch our lives slip away but we’re told that it’s ok because you worked your way up at a company and got your annual 3% raise… That money will be so amazing when you’ll be too old to use it, right?!

In other words: trade your freedom young, to get your freedom old.

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We went from 0 to making 3x what our bosses make in a year, in just A MONTH.

This is the single most powerful, most effective, and most profit-generating formula to success. And we give it to you in a complete step-by-step guide inside 6-Figure Online Course™.

This formula is so powerful that it will take you from 0 to 6 figures whatever your niche and your “business skills” level.

We cracked the code of making the most money online while working the least

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Ginny & Laura

Together we accumulate over 10 years of experience in Marketing, and helped more than 800 people
quit their 9-5 by making money online.

Hi, we're Laura Haleydt & Ginny Fears!

800 people

10 years

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Char made her first 10K month, days after launching her first online course!

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We talk about entrepreneurship, mindset, passive income, strategy and so much more! All that in an unfiltered way while sharing some behind the scenes experiences we don’t talk about anywhere else! ;) 

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